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ecological elegy...   various appearances, different places & events
Who killed Cock Robin?
Its not just little Cock Robin who is going to an early grave...
Intensive agriculture, indiscriminate use of harmful chemicals, misplaced scientific ingenuity & our whole madly consumerist culture is slowly but surely overloading our poor old planet.
Spring Greens,  Herefordshire 2013
Creature Court
The word ECOCIDE derives from the Greek oikos meaning house or home & the Latin caedere - to demolish, kill.
Literally "killing our home".
Its time to make Ecocide the 5th International Crime Against Peace, to sit alongside genocide, war crimes, crimes of aggression and crimes against humanity.

These ideas take shape outside in the woods & fields, promoting awareness of environmental issues, sharing a love of nature.

Masks are used all over the world in theatre and rituals. They confer a mysterious power on both the wearer & the watcher with their links to old folk tales and ancient rites - an eloquent way to move people, tell stories and make connections.
I have always wanted to make useful things out of felt and about 15 years ago I began working on an idea with another feltmaker, Yuli Somme: to design a felt shroud as an alternative to the traditional wooden box coffin. We started the Bellacouche business together although I eventually left to pursue other projects. Yuli has since developed the original ideas and won many awards for her work; she supplies these 'soft coffins' from the workshop in Devon. Bellacouche offers a truly sustainable option for those wanting to arrange a natural burial or cremation.         Find out more about Bellacouche here... 
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